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USI Parma Protests against Improper Presentation of their History

The Di Vittorio Foundation, an association affiliated to CGIL, the most important union in Italy, established a convention in Parma about the centenary of USI-AIT, without informing the USI-AIT section in Parma, the 6th of December 2012. About 15 workers belonging to USI-AIT Parma interrupted this meeting, despite the presence of several policeman outside the hall, leafleting an announcement whose title was: "USI-AIT, 100 YEARS OF AUTONOMOUS MANAGEMENT, NEVER WITH CGIL AND ALWAYS AGAINST THE MASTERS". USI Parma considered this meeting as disrespectful, since no information was given to the USI local section, since there was a respectful relationship between CGIL and USI before this event, furthermore this act has been seen by USI as an historical manipulation inscribed in a process that CGIL is leading from several years, trying to
change some features of the most important event of the local unionist history, especially those that involved the revolutionary union as protagonist.

USI-AIT Parma Section