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USI-AIT Declares a General Strike

The USI-AIT, together with its unions in the sectors - USI-Health, USI-Post Office, USI-LEL, USI- Social Cooperatives and USI-IUR - declares a general strike in the public and private sector for the entire day of 22 June 2012, with the exception of the Emilia Romagna region. Given the continuing economic crisis, we demand that the government guarantees all income and services to continue living in dignity, recover resources lost by tax evasion and taxing higher incomes and eliminating wasteful spending such as on the military, spreading the available work, expanding social safety nets to all workers on an ongoing basis.

The general strike is called:

- for the immediate withdrawal and cancellation of the so-called "Fornero Reform" of employment law and pensions;
- against any attempt to put the costs of the crisis only on workers with increasing the retirement age and freezing wages relative to inflation;
- for the renewal of employment contracts blocked by the government;- for strong wage increases unrelated to productivity, and pensions and guaranteed income for all and adequate services;
- for the restoration of the rising income scale;
- for a drastic overall reduction in working hours for equal pay (less work but everyone works);
- for the abolition of the outside contract, so that all workers are directly employed by the company;- cancellation of all prescription charges and free public health for all;- for the elimination of school and university fees, free school text books for those with low incomes to ensure public and secular education;
- to ensure public transport (trains and city buses) free of charge for the unemployed and for low income earners;
- to ensure housing for all, especially public housing at fair rents;
- for the elimination of all forms of precarious employment and permanent employment of all temporary and illegally employed workers, because work is an important investment in security;
- for the elimination of military spending and against the logic of the police state; the savings resulting from these unnecessary expenses may be used to create new jobs and provide services such as health and education;
- for the abolition of all anti-strike legislation;
- cancellation of large-scale investments (TAV, Messina Bridge, nuclear power plants, etc.).
- for the regularization (residence permit) of all immigrants and migrants.

The National Secretary USI-AIT
Enrico Moroni