Pracujesz na umowie śmieciowej? Możemy pomóc!

Union of Syndicalists, Poland (ZSP)

ZSP had its founding congress on March 31- April 1 2007 in Gliwice. Our goals include spreading the ideas of social anarchism, anti-authoritarianism and anarcho-syndicalism in the workplace and amongst working people and the general population. We want to build non-hierarchical and anti-capitalist organizations and unions which are independant of the state, political parties or business interests. We want to change socio-economic relations completely, not just get some small concessions from the state and capital.

Members of ZSP are both non-unionized and unionized people who believe in the struggle for a walk free of domination and exploitation.

ZSP published the first issue of its paper "Zaplata" before the Ideas and Action Conference and May Day events in Warsaw.

ZSP is not a continuation of the organization of a similar name which was active earlier in Poland. We would like to point out that the word "Poland" in the name only refers to the name of the administrative area where we are primarily functioning. Please check back here in the future for more about us!