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Striking Workers from EULEN-ABB Picket at Adecco in Cordoba

Workers from EULEN-ABB, on strike for 29 days and camped at the gates of the multinational ABB, have moved this morning to the headquarters of Adecco – Eurocen. Eurocen was awarded the contract for logistics and crane services that the striking workers are currently performing, starting from January 1. Some of workers have been doing this job for over 15 years, through different companies.

Workers went to the headquarters of ADECCO to try to hold a meeting with an officer of the company, which was again impossible due to the refusal of the person in charge of the company in Andalusia. At the headquarters of the company, the workers demanded that its management stop hiding behind Adecco workers and face the strikers and their demands.

For the workers on strike, ADECCO is nothing more than a puppet in the service of ABB which needs to get rid of unionized workers who in recent months had made various claims such as about implementing the convention, wage claims, improved ABB work systems to improve the prevention of occupational hazards, etc.. Reasons why, for the strikers, ABB has decided to terminate the contract with EULEN and use ADECCO to get rid of the striking workers and continue to breach the agreement, thereby violating the right to strike. It also breaches of the rules of risk prevention.

The workers have been at ADECCO's doors for some hours, demanding an answer to from the management of EUROCEN - ADECCO.

Adecco clients, citizens and pedestrians are also being informed of the situation.