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International Solidarity with the Striking Workers of EULEN/ABB

We have already written several times of the international solidarity for the workers of EULEN/ABB in Cordoba, Spain, on strike since November 28, 2011. A couple of weeks ago we wrote about international solidarity actions; these actions keep continuing and of course the support work is Spain goes on as well.

Despite the repression, despite being fired while on strike, the workers continue to struggle. They demand their reinstatement to work, an end to attacks on their right to strike and compensation for the time they worked but were paid according to the wrong collective agreement. The case is currently in court.

The strikers were replaced by workers supplied by Eurocen temp agency, part of the Adecco group. Therefore pickets were held mainly at Adecco, against their role in the conflict, supplying scabs and strikebreaking (in addition to their everyday contribution to the casualization of labor).

The CNT-AIT union in EULEN, Cordoba called for a day of action in the IWA for the 17th of February. Many sections took part, as well as sympathizers from other countries. On that day, pickets and other actions were held, among other places, in Warsaw, Moscow, Berlin, Halle, Amsterdam, Ghent, Caen, Oslo and Hamburg, as well as in different cities in Spain. In Valladolid, about 40 members of the CNT occupied the office of Adecco.

Between our last report and the day of actions, other protests took place and we got news of some which had already happened. For example, the comrades from FORA in San Martin, Argentina did a nice action a few weeks ago. The comrades from SolFed, who so far have protested in about 10 different cities in the UK, also picketed in Manchester – and we know they have more planned. In Poland also there are a couple of actions planned for next week and members of ZSP, along with some other comrades, protested in Katowice, Gliwice and Sosnowiec. Other actions took place in Krakow and Bielsko-Biala.

We thanks the groups such as Vrije Bond from Holland or some groups of Anarchist Federation in Poland which also organized or took part in pickets with us!

The IWA has financially supported the strikers and the CNT has been collecting money as well. We all wish them strength in their battle against the multinationals. They have clearly shown us that not all workers are willing to tolerate their exploitation and their victory would be an inspiration for others in the same situation.