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Solidarity with the Workers of San Raffaele Hospital in Milan

Our comrades in the USI-AIT have been protesting, striking and struggling against the planned dismissal of 244 workers at San Raffaele Hospital and the cencellation of contract agreements which were won after many years of struggle.

Workers have been picketing the hospital, staging occupations, road blocks, strikes and other actions since November 1. Below is some information sent from USI:

As you know, the Italian government, in compliance with the financial powers, is
destroying the social state and among the system's objectives is destroying health care.

The comrades employed at the San Raffaele hospital, together with other unions, are on strike against the dismissal of 244 workers and against the cancellation of the contract agreements which were won after many years of struggle. Two days ago, the comrade Graziella (delegate of USI) and Daniela camped on the roof of the hospital to give greater visibility to the protests. To sustain the common struggle, the workers of San Raffaele are engaged every day in strikes and demonstrations. The demonstrations in Milan on the 24 of October and the 14 of November were very significant and important.

There were road blocks, mobilizations in front of the Regional and Municipal Building, in front of the offices of important organs of information and above all there was a permanent presence at the entrance of the hospital, where the workers received much solidarity on the party of the public who use the health care service. In the same day that the workers set up camp on the roof, more than 50 employees occupied the office of the management. It was necessary to resort to ”security forces” to force them out.

Hospital sheets was flown outside all the windows as a sign of protest. Workers from the whole health care sector are conscious that if this extra attack happened at San Raffaele, absurd and injustified, it would be a bulldozer with devastating consequences for the entire sector and for the people who would have reduced services in public health.

We ask all to send solidarity to this address: (San Raffaele USI-AIT) (USI - National Health Federation)