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Solidarity with the strikers in Belarus!
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The whole world is watching the situation in Belarus with concern. The uprising of Belarusian society against the authoritarian government is growing and is manifested in different ways. We can observe not only mass demonstrations, but also strikes that unite workers from different professions, expressing the anger of the local working class against tyranny. We hope that the strikes will turn into a general strike, which will lead to the overthrow of the dictator Lukashenko.

The Union of Syndicalists Poland would like to express its solidarity with the Belarusian working class, judging that the uprising against the government will allow workers to believe in their strength and can bring the workers' struggle to a new, bolder path. We strongly encourage workers to start the process of uniting into a grassroots, self-organized labor movement, independent of political parties and regular trade union leaders. A movement which as a result of mass strikes can take control of the workplaces and means of production. Only organized and systematic struggle of a society united in such unions can win this unequal struggle. Independent, grassroots unions will be an important and necessary step towards the liberation of Belarusian society. We hope that you can transform the political and economic system in accordance with a sense of social responsibility. We also hope you don't make the same mistakes like here in Poland, where the trade union which had a slogan of solidarity on their flags and followed politically naive leaders who exchanged the dictatorship of the Communist Party for the dictatorship of capitalist politics, power and business. Polish workers have felt the consequences of this mistake til this day.

For this reason, it is not enough to change one political power for another. It is necessary to rebuild society from the bottom up, laying the foundation for self-managed structures.

Dear fellow workers! We send you words of encouragement and support for your pursuit of freedom and hope that you will win the fight against violence and repression by the authoritarian state. Today you are responsible for the liberation of all workers in Belarus from repression. Victory over the bloody regime depends on you.

We are with you!
Union of Syndicalists, Poland (ZSP IWA-AIT)