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Solidarity with November 14 Strikes

On November 14, members of ZSP took part in various actions in solidarity with November 14 strikes, calling for radicalization of the workers' movement in Poland.

In the morning we visited the symbolic protests of mainstream unions. Despite the fact that 3 of the 4 largest unions in Poland (representing 1.6 million workers) protested, there was almost no rank and file participation, with the largest protest being only 250-300 people, mainly professional activists. The unions simply handed in a protest to the Ministry in Labour and the head of OPZZ told that crowd that striking would be illegal. Of course we have another opinion of what needs to be done and call on workers to fight.

As fighting words fall on deaf ears when it comes to union bureaucrats, leaflet actions were also made separately. In Warsaw there was an informational action related to the educational strike as well.

In the evening, a group of people from ZSP plus a few comrades from the Anarchist Federation and other sympathizers gathered in front of the Presidential Palace for a rally. People spoke about the need to struggle, especially in these times. The lack of militant workers' protests in Poland was almost lamented and one comrade noted that this lack of militancy was also due to over 20 years of shock therapy imposed on the people. Another comrade told about how there were a large number of finanical-related suicides in Poland.

The picket was also visited by two groups of students from Spain.

After the protest some people went to support the occupation action of Ula, a woman evicted from her home who is on hunger strike and is camped out in front of a Ministry. During the day and afterwards, there was leafleting in places known for their precarious working conditions, calling on workers to organize themselves.

During the whole day we offered coverage of the actions in Spain, Italy, Portugal and elsewhere, in a situation where there is almost a complete media blackout on the protests. Special attention was given to the various actions of the CNT, which as always included actions at workplaces big and small, including places where there are active conflicts and to the actions of the USI-AIT in the San Raffaele strike in Milan, also in the middle of an active conflict since November 1.