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Solidarity Federation supports international week of action against Ryanair

At last night's National Delegate Council, Solidarity Federation delegates also agreed to endorse the international week of action called by the Ryanair Don't Care Campaign.

Liverpool Solidarity Federation had voted in December to support the week of action, issuing a statement which call on other Solidarity Federation locals, the International Workers' Association, and all who support the struggle of workers against exploitative employers, to take the following action:


Support the call-out for an International Week of Action against Ryanair, on the 12-18 March

Hold pickets of airports where Ryanair put on flights, offices of Ryanair and agencies / recruitment fairs through which they hire staff

Picket the Cheltenham Festival, which Ryanair sponsors, and particularly the Ryanair Chase on Thursday 15 March

Phone, fax and email Ryanair to complain about exploitative recruitment practices

The national Solidarity Federation has now endorsed this statement and will be circulating it to other sections of the International Workers Association in the hope that they do likewise.

To contact Ryanair and complain about their practices, below are the easiest ways to contact them. More are listed here.

Phone: +353 1 812 1212

Fax: +353 1 812 1676