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SolFed says: Stuff Your Landlord

Denied deposits? Refused repairs? Harassed by your landlord?
South London Solfed can help you fight back against the exploitative practices of landlords and estate agencies.

Our new "Stuff Your Landlord" leaflet lists some basic legal rights.

It can be useful to know the law because many landlords don’t follow basic legal requirements. But we also need to remember that the law is not going to be on our side most of the time. We shouldn’t rely on a court system designed to benefit the rich and powerful to make sure we’re treated fairly.

Fighting a legal battle can be costly, take a lot of time and require specialized skills. Direct action doesn’t. Anyone can take direct action and win. Instead of relying on courts and lawyers, direct action means that we win through organising ourselves and confronting landlords collectively. It could be something straightforward, like going down as a group to demand your landlord complete unfinished repairs. Or organising a demonstration and internet campaign against an estate agent.

By using our collective strength we can directly damage their profits and reputation and waste their staffs time, making it cheaper for them and less stressful to co-operate with us.

We can offer you practical support and advice on how to organise direct action by bringing together the combined strength of your friends, family, and Solfed to fight back against businesses that rip us off. We can link you up with other exploited tenants in the same situation so that you can fight together and build a larger more powerful campaign.