Pracujesz na umowie śmieciowej? Możemy pomóc!

Protest against Fascism and Nationalism

On May 11, the organizations EuroMajdan Warszawa and the Open Dialogue Foundation invited representatives of political parties running in the Ukrainian presidential elections to Warsaw. Among them where representatives of the Right Sector and Svoboda. We decided to go to this event and protest.

Our protest had many political layers. We denounce nationalist movements and fascism as the enemy of the working class and explained our opinions on the fighting going on in Ukraine. People are divided into allegiance to nations, a construct which is used to divide and control people. They wind up subjugating common class interests and common resistance to exploiting classes to national ambitions and hatred. We also denounced the role that the Polish state, the CIA and Western capitalists play in funding orange organizations in our city, which support changes of masters for the Ukrainian working class, so desperate to improve their fate that many follow the neoliberal charlatans who would be their new exploiters.

About 50 people showed up to protest. After we stood at the entrance, a group of police removed us, standing in front of the entrance themselves. (We assume certain people were escorted in through the back door.)

Unfortunately for us, another group of people decided they would also like to protest this event: nationalists from the Ruch Narodowy (National Movement). These people are very far from being our friends and we had many occassions to protest against them as well. (They are a political party which was composed of different far-right groups, ranging from the All-Polish Youth to ONR.)

For us, the Ruch Narodowy is just as bad shit as Right Sector or Svoboda. The absurd thing is that they see Banderism as particularly bad due to the murder of Polish people, but pretend that they are far away from advocating brutal nationalism. Which isn't true: for example, we have squared off against ONR when they commemorated a famous pogram their predecessors organized.

The National Movement is a complete dead end for the working class, a movement based on hatred, totalitarian ideas, channeling people's energy into assinine battles to burn down rainbow sculptures and into a cultural war to try and impose conformity and destroy all diversity in the name of „Great Poland”.

We made a sign saying „Don't vote for Nationalism”.

We want to make something clear: we do not believe in the politics of „being all together against a common enemy”. We might not like Banderism as much as the Polish nationalists, but we are not „together”. We also are critical of the positions of some individuals or organizations which during the conflict in Ukraine have revealed themselves to be on the side of Putin. In this conflict, we cannot be on the side of any government or any „nation”.

During this event we also had a sign with Nestor Makhno, a person who fought against both main sides in a civil war, who fought for something different. We also fight for something different. Instead of fighting for who will rule us or what nation we belong to, we fight against all rulers and all states.

No to nationalism and statism! No dialogue with fascists!