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Protest against Exploitation at the Teltower Rübchen farm

A conflict has been going on almost a half year between FAU and the ecological farm Teltower Rübchen. The problems concern improper payment during training periods, not following health and safety laws, low wages and the use of immigrant labour without contracts.

There were attempts to negotiate with the owner of the farm, a member of the Green Party (which includes postualtes about a decent minimum wage that is higher that what is paid at the „green” farm). He refused to meet with FAU, so the union started to make a pressure campaign, campaigning where the farm seels its products.
As we know that at least some consumers who buy green products are also concerned about the working conditions they are produced in, we hope that people will show their discontent with the situation at Teltower Rübchen and that the situation will improve soon.

From the ZSP, we add that we do not accept the exploitation of Polish, Romanian and Ukrainian immigrants who are in desperate situations and are forced to work without contracts. We demand proper treatment and full rights for workers who have been harvesting the fruits of Teltower's profits for years.