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New Union Federation Formed

Members of the Union of Syndicalists, Poland are anarchists, anarcho-syndicalists, anarcho-communists and libertarian communists. They may belong to a different unions, depending on prior affiliation or local situation. If they are not members of a libertarian or anarcho-syndicalist union but rather a mainstream one, they should fight to promote grassroots unions, non-hierarchical organization and anarcho-syndicalist ideals inside that union. Where possible, they can form encourage workers to join an anarcho-syndicalist union.

Non-affiliated members of ZSP formed the union federation KFP – the National Workers’ Federation. After months of discussion and work, a statute was adopted at the end of August. The first workplace signed up 19 people in September and, as soon as the resolution and statutes are legalized, hopefully more workplaces will be set up.

The KFP is organized using radical principles of direct democracy; there is no chairperson or leaders and all representatives work by a clearly defined mandate.

More information as things develop.