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Moscow: Anarchist May Day 2013

Anarchists and anarchosyndicalists formed a united blok on a May Day demonstration in Moscow. Activists from KRAS marched with parts of Autonomous Action, the Anarcho-Feminist Initiative, antifascists and groups for gender equality. The march had a militant atmosphere and went through the city center, from Nikitski Gates to Novopuskinski Sq.

The demonstration this year clearly distanced itself from authoritarians, nationalists, homophones and all supporters of hierarchy of any sort and also had clearly social slogans. There were different flags: red and black, black, black and green, black and violet and black and rainbow colors. The demonstrators shouted ”Our homeland is all of humanity”, " Rights are not given, rights are taken” “Our decision is self-management” and "No war but class war!". There were slogans in support of the medical workers' strike in Izhevsk, which became an example of resistance for workers around the country, slogans in support of teachers and other workers, for the creating of free unions and for the release of anarchist political prisoners. Anarchist leaflets and papers were given out, including KRAS' “Direct Action” (an issue dedicated to the struggle against social cuts).

The demonstration went with incident, although a police helicopter followed overhead.