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Kiel: Successful Action Against Temporary Work at Job Fair

FAU Kiel and Flensburg did successfully agitate against temporary work at a job fair in Kiel. The Barlag job fair is touring Germany over the whole year. In Kiel, eleven temporary agencies among 70 exhibitors presented themselves. The fair was situated at the snobbish Mercedes-Benz Branch Baltic Sea (37,000 sqm.). Last year, 10,000 visitors came, according to the organizers.

Activists did not only distribute FAU's leaflet "Abolish Temporary Work!" but they did also prepare special flyers to warn visitors of temporary agencies at the job fair. Inside, visitors were indoctrinated on how to sell themselves best to the capitalists. And directly at the entrance, Germany's military forces welcomed people, allowing them to wear gas masks!

Here is a text example from our flyer "Tips for People in Danger of Temporary Work".

The job fair 2011 is in Kiel and as always, there are many temporary work agencies. They are interested in informations about you, so they know about your potential being a proper wage slave. As soon as your name appears in their database, you'll be invited for a date where you will be urged to sign a contract with them! !!!Stop!!! Do not sign anything! [...]

On the flyer's flipside is a list with names of temporary agencies and their methods.

Most people reacted interested and positive, Hardly no one was disinterested or repelled our informations. Our flyers flew off the shelves, which annoyed the organizers.

Provocations from the police, which also exhibited there, and from the organizers, who acted hectically and nervously, did not impress the FAU activists that much. But waiting car holders enjoyed our banner and our newly printed flyers. Some speeches, held in humorous manner, pointed out key problems of temporary work. Many visitors thanked us for the offered informations.
FAU Kiel and Flensburg draw a positive conclusion from this day of action as they contacted many people and gave them some arguments to think about. They will continue its struggle against temporary work until there is equal pay for equal work!