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EULEN-ABB Strike: Upcoming Days of Solidarity

The CNT of Cordoba has called for a mobilization in solidarity with the strike that the workers from EULEN in ABB have been maintaining for the last two months.

The workers are faced with the maneouvres of these multinationals to do away with the union-organized staff that defended its rights.

After the strike was called by the CNT and CGT, ABB broke its contract with EULEN and used the multinational labour brokers ADECCO to carry out the work of the strikers in a move that they consider to be scabbing.

In the meanwhile, at the end of the year the majority of the strike committee was fired, and some weeks later, all of the strikers.

The strikers have started a legal case. They consider that the right to strike has been violated and they are waiting for the court case on this question on February 6 which will determine the legal possibility of continuing the strike.

The workers have maintained the conflict and continue fighting for their reinstatement. They are organizing a demonstration on the 3rd of February in Cordoba.

They are also calling for mobilizations on February 6th at the headquarters of the multinationals involved: ABB, ADECCO and EULEN.

CNT will also call for nationwide and international mobilizations the 17th of February.