Pracujesz na umowie śmieciowej? Możemy pomóc!




ZSP strongly condemns the actions of the authorities in Warsaw and other cities which have decided to make cuts in public education expenditures by closing down public schools. At the same time that the authorities have made these cuts, we have almost 500 useless politicians deciding our local matters in their interests. The city wastes huge amounts of money on public contracts to private businesses run by their friends, builds a massively expensive sports stadium and even publishes a calendar with an antisemitic poster using public money. For all this and for their own bonuses and perks, they always have money. But when it comes to the future of our children, again we hear them claim that we don't have money.

Nothing can be further than the truth. There is always enough money for these basics – it is just that they want to use public money for something else, for private businesses, their own interests or their own elitist social vision. And they do it for one reason: because the people let these people run public life and don't stand up and fight for their own interests.

Around Poland, we are beginning to see that those in charge have simply gone to far. Some pupils like in Zator or Bytom protested the closure of schools with their own actions, occupations of the schools. Now we have found out that the city would like to close schools in Warsaw, and force the children into even bigger classes. The parents of some children in a school in Bielany started protesting when they learned of the city's plans. Now we have heard about plans to liquidate two more schools in Praga.

We cannot tolerate this and have to fight together! ZSP calls on ALL the neighbours of Praga to get together and get out on the streets to oppose this. Today we will go with the pupils, teachers and parents and we will march on the local government. And on Thursday, when the band of thieves that run our city meet, we will show them exactly what we think of them! People get organized and fight back!