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CNT Strikes in Spain on March 29

The CNT-AIT called for a general strike against the Labor Reform and held direct actions and mass rallies and demonstrations all around the country. The extent of the actions were so vast and the actions so varied that it would take a whole bulletin to list them all. In many cities, the comrades went around all night, many starting their actions on March 28 or midnight March 29. Many workplaces where the CNT has current conflicts were visited.

In Madrid, the comrades, starting at midnight, visited many workplaces like the Post Office, Indra (which outsources IT workers), the National Library, the Complutense University, Roche, Carrefour, Atento, RTVE, Telecinco and others. In the evening a large demonstration of the CNT was held. The CNT-Comarcal Sur visited an industrial poligon, some local bus companies, the municipality, Riva Madrid TV station, Humanus and other places before joining a demonstration in the south of Madrid.

In Barcelona, the CNT-AIT blocked the doors of RACC, with which they have a conflict. The CNT also has conflicts in areas like medical emergency services, so they picketed at the Department of Health.

In Zaragoza, the comrades protested at various supermarket chains so that they would not stay open during the strike. There was a picket at FCC, which does waste collection and where there is a conflict. Protests occurred at the headquarters of the Partido Popular, at banks and the Corte Ingles department store and then a common demonstration in the city.

In Salamanca, the comrades started with a rally the night before. In the morning they went to the wholesale market, Mercasalamanca, to promote the strike. The CNT joined various pickets, for example in the Villares industrial poligon. It picketed at the University, Carrefour and the Corte Ingles store.

In Granada, the CNT visited Mercadona and other workplaces that intimidate workers against striking. In the afternoon, its demonstration protested workplaces like supermarkets and restaurants which were open.

In Valencia there was a picket at Instituto Misericordia, where CNT has a union.

In Cordoba, there were pickets and blockades at MercaCórdoba, AUCORSA bus company and supermarket chains like Mercadona, Piedra, Día and Deza. The comrades also visited some banks and took part in a demonstration.

In Valladolid, there were pickets at the Argales and San Cristobal industrial poligons, the Boecillo Technological Park, Mercaolid, Michelín, the Post Office, AUVASA buses and other places, including pickets at offices of various media, at El Mundo, El Norte de Castilla and the Promecal Communication group. Members of CNT took part in a student picket. In the evening the CNT took part in a demonstration.

In Compostela, the comrades went to the bus company to block the buses from operating during the strike. In Ferrol and Vigo there were similar actions. In Vigo, there were blockades at an industrial poligon, including at Citroen where one shift was blocked. In Compostela, the comrades visited the industrial area of Tambre and a couple of people were arrested in actions. In Ferrol there was a blockade of Alcampo.

In Aranjuez there was a picket at the Tajo Hospital, where the CNT has a union which is being repressed by the private company running the hospital. The CNT also visited OTAI, where it has a conflict for non-payment of workers. Other actions were held at the industrial poligon, Unilever, Indra, Mercadona, Fosters Hollywood (a restaurant where CNT won a conflict recently) and other places. The comrades from the CNT went to a joint demonstration in the south of Madrid later on.

In Sanlúcar de Barrameda, comrades blocked and closed down a BP gas station, the Super Sol supermarket and some cafeterias. There was also an action at Dia supermarket and some other places. In the evening there was a rally.

In Tenerife there was a picket at the Post Office and some arrests for another direct action against scabs. The CNT has a conflict at the building site of a cathedral where they made a picket also.

In Toledo the comrades of CNT blocked buses at Unauto. They held a rally and then headed to various places which were working like McDonalds and others to make actions.

In Bilbao the comrades did informational actions and visited industrial sites in Durango and Barakaldo.

In Xixon comrades picketed at Mercadona, make informational actions and raised barricades in the city, having some confrontations with police.

In Sevilla, the comrades made informational pickets, including at the Corte Ingles department stores and took part in a demonstration.

In Santander, the CNT went to supermarkets like Día, Mercadona, Lupa and joined protests at other workplaces, ending the day in a joint demonstration.

In Almeria, the comrades from CNT went to supermarkets and restaurants which were open like Mercadona or Carrefour. In Adra, the comrades picketed in support of striking cleaners. The comrades participated in a joint demonstration.

In Jaen, the comrades took part in pickets to block the Olivares and Valles industrial poligons. They picketed at Mercadona, Lidl and supermarkets, made a protest at the Partido Popular, the Confederation of Entrepeneurs and other places.

The comrades in Elche demonstrated in their city in the morning, making special stops at places like Mercadona. They joined the demonstration in Alicante in the evening.

This is just a brief (and incomplete) account of the actions of the CNT during the strike. There were dozens of other actions held around Spain, so many that it is difficult to name them all! The CNT in general considers the strike to have been a success and a good first step for future, hopefully more extended mobilizations.

International Support of the Strike in Spain

Many Sections of the IWA sent solidarity messages and otherwise supported the strike in Spain. The AIT-SP went to the Embassy in Lisbon with a picket and handed out informational leaflets. The ZSP also visited the Embassy in Warsaw and the FAU went to the General Consulate in Frankfurt. The ZSP later held a demo, as did FAU in Berlin, Stuttgart and Nurnberg. Other libertarian organizations also held solidarity actions with the strike.