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The CNT denounces the labour reform underway which will lead to unprecedented precarization: € 426 euros a month, with no unemployment benefits or vacations, no maximum working day, no insurance and no paid holidays.

This reform will produce the exchange of contracts with rights for new ones, cheaper for companies and without any protection for the workers.

The CNT denounces this new labour reform, which was approved behind the backs of people during the election campaign and which entered into force the day after. It will not create the jobs it has promised, nor will it help young people get a job. On the contrary, it means the complete loss of workers' rights. Companies can conclude this type of contract without limit, which means that qualified professionals will cost at least 3 times less than now. This will lead to the replacement of contracted workers with “apprentices”, making the labour market even more precarious.

These contracts will be geared towards people under 25, with any type of qualifications. There is no limit of contracts to the same person. They are called "agreements with young people to do internships of a non-work character”, instead of what they really are: contracts without labour rights and a salary of 426 euros, below the minimum interprofession wage, with no vacations, no maximum working day, insurance, holidays or leave, which can be freely modified.

This reform also will lead to a reduction in Social Security payments on the part of the companies, like what has already happened with previous labour reforms and which means a decapitalization and the progressive bankruptcy of the pension system.

The bosses had expressed their desire to create a new form of contracts. The government has done nothing more than bowed to their wishes once again, making the workers pay for the crisis, with the complicity of the CCOO and UGT.

The CNT calls for a strong response against this. We believe that it is necessary to smash once and for all the dynamic of fear, despair, division and everyone for themselves. We must begin to organize amongst ourselves in order to take to the streets and say enough is enough, as thousands of workers in other parts of the world are doing.

CNT Castro Urdiales

Federación Local de Vitoria - Gasteiz