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The CNT First of May

The CNT will not stay quiet in the light of the offensives against workers' rights, many of which were won through the union struggle over a century. The 1 of May is a celebration of this hard struggle, which cost four lives in 1887 but which raised awareness and international solidarity which continues until today.

Throughout the Spanish state, the CNT went on the streets to remember the spirit of Chicago of these years and to remember Spain at the beginning of the 20th century, when working only 8 hours a day was a dream (although not too far off), to remember those who perished and those who resisted. The CNT took to the streeks to also gather strength to resist today. From Galicia, where demonstrations were organized in 5 cities, some with other organizations, some only by CNT, to the Canary Islands where days of struggles were called in Tenerife and Gran Canaria, having nothing to do with a walk in the street. From Murcia where a dinner took place after going through the city accompanied by live music to Madrid where, because of its size, there were three demonstrations, one in the north, in the sierra another on the traditional route through the capital and the third in Alcorcón, where the CNT could be seen in the streets under a tide of red and black. We could also mention Toledo, Granada, Bilbao...

Despite being peaceful demonstrations, to commemorate, to make demands and fight, the state felt the need to instill fear and show itself. So the neighbours in Barcelona were stunned at the beseiged city, with snipers on the rooftops and the streets taken over by the police. Two comrades were detained for hours. The CNT acted against the abduction of its militants, one detention for the mere fact of exercising ones rights, reminding them that we are not afraid.

On May first we remember and gather, but for the CNT, every day is May Day. Every day we remember where we came from and every day we affirm where we are going. To repeal the labour reform and to win, not to lose, more rights for workers. Towards a more just society, more participatory and free.