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CNT Achieves the Reinstatement of Dismissed Members and Fulfillment of Demands in Pizza Jardin

The CNT union of SOV Madrid has seen a satisfactory conclusion to a conflict it had maintained for several months with PIZZA JARDÍN.

At the end of December last year, members of the SOV Madrid union formed a union section of the CNT in the restaurant PIZZA JARDÍN. It started to carry out intense union activity from the beginning, (presenting a list of demands, making denunciations to the work inspectorate) with the goal of improving some work conditions which were like those in the 19th century: no possibility to have sick leave, the obligation to make up vacation days by working extra, etc....

The company did not wait to react and fired three comrades from the union, including the delegate. It also tried to avoid paying the proper severance pay.

The union and SOV began an intense campaign of pickets against the company which culminated in the reinstatement of the comrades who wanted to work there and a satisfactory compensation for those who didn't want to go back. What's more, the company promised to fulfill the list of demands and, according to the union at the restaurant, has done so.

We would like to highlight the fact that the comrades, who did not belong to the union before this conflict, not only continue in the union after the satisfactory resolution of the conflict, but also have become very involved in the organizational life of the CNT, participating in pickets in support of other conflicts and in the 24 hour strike on March 29. The CNT not only maintains its presence in the company, but has also grown in membership and earned the respect and sympathy of a large part of the staff.

Examples like this reaffirm the conviction that anarchosyndicalism, free from subsidies and union elections, is a model that continues to show its effectiveness and efficiency today.

We would also like to thank the other unions from the CNT for support in this conflict.