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[Adra] CNT Calls an Indefinite Strike in the Street Cleaning and Waste Collection Services

· The staff is tired by the uncertainty created in the current process of bargaining the contract with CESPA.
· The City Hall, which will manage the service, does not agree that all the work places, or the same salaries or other working conditions will be maintained.

The Public Services Union of the CNT Adra wants to inform the public of the current situation of uncertainty that the workers in the public service of street cleaning and garbage collection in the municipality of Adra are facing. Since all means of dialogue have been exhausted, the staff is left with no alternative but to call an indefinite strike starting July 29.

Disagreement arose between the City of Adra and CESPA, the current service provider, in the procedure to terminate its contract, which has led to a situation where the workers are at the breaking point.

For the anarchosyndicalist union, this situation of instability is absolutely inadmissable especially when we do not even know if we are going to get paid at the end of the month. The Court of Administrative Litigation issued an order which allows the City to temporarily assume the service but CESPA communicated that it will not pay the salaries when the City temporarily assumes the service on its behalf but the City also does not guarantee it will pay.

In addition to this question about payment, there is also the uncertainty about the level of employment in the service or whether they are going to respect the economic conditions of the job, questions put to the City of Adra.

For these reasons, the staff has decided to call an indefinite strike to do away from the instability and uncertainties created and to fight for the current level of employment and for all the work places in the service, for respecting the working and salary conditions and the prompt payment of wages. For CNT, the current situation has been brewing for years when the City began to stop paying the fee stipulated in the tender documents to the service provider and has generated a debt of 12 million euros which has forced CESPA to abandon the contract it was awarded until 2021. The CNT asks where the City Council has allocated the approximately 1,600,000 euros collected annually for garbage collection fees, imposed on all the people who pay regularly and now do not know where this money has gone.

As public service workers, we are conscious of the trouble that a strike like this can cause in the city and we apologize in advance. But it would not be right and we cannot tolerate the irresponsibility of the politicians in charge, which certainly also applies to the former governing team.

Currently we have started to make protests in front of the City Hall to inform people about the strike and about the reasons for it.

However, it is the will of the Strike Committee, which represents the workers in conflict, to show our willingness to come to an agreement which would guarantees our demands and to avoid any harm. Otherwise, this can happen during the strike.