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Action of KRAS-IWA on the housing problem

On Sunday, March 31, from 12.00 to 13.00 hours, several militants and partisans of the KRAS-IWA, members of the movement against the “spot housing-building” and other independent social activists held a protest picket in the city Dmitrov near Moscow. The rally was timed to coincide with IWA days of struggle on housing.

The question of so-called "spot building” (analogue to “spot bombing”) is very pressing in Dmitrov, as in many other Russian cities. It is about the politics of construction of luxury and commercial housing in the immediate vicinity of the houses, in the place of parks and green spaces, etc. The authorities give permission for it, exclusively in the interest of private construction firms, and regardless of the protests of the population. This building is not accompanied by the construction of new schools and kindergartens; heat and water supply are not adapted to the increasing needs. The “spot building” as an element of urban policy is dictated only by considerations of a material benefit, and it makes the quality of life and environmental conditions of the entire city even worse.

The local media and the Internet resources of the city were previously informed about the upcoming picket. Originally it was planned to hold in front of the city government, but the authority moved it to an area in front of City Palace of Culture. The action attracted people who were not indifferent to the matter raised and wanted to exchange views, as well to make contacts for the organization of a broader joint struggle. Among them were activists from neighboring communities. There were also just people who see the text on the posters and came to express their support for an issue. The picket was covered by “Dmitrovsky Vestnik” (newspaper) and "Dmitrov online video review - DIVO". During an impromptu press conference, the organizers spoke about the problem of "spot building" in the city and urged residents not to wait until the building will come to their yard, in the vicinity of their homes, but to connect from below and to fight for their rights.